Manpower Staffing Services Provider In India

Here's What We Do Better

Being one of India’s manpower recruitment services, we believe that we transform your business and career growth. We work with a team of passionate, innovative and intelligent workforce recruitment professionals who deliver effective, affordable and quick manpower recruitment and human resource services. While we credit our success to dedication, communication and understanding of the fundamentals in every project, we work way ahead of our competitors. This is because we understand that only the right staff can build a successful business. So if you use our manpower services in Mumbai, you will only have the best candidates for your job description.

At CISB Services Pvt Ltd, we work with accommodative and responsive partnership strategies for long-term, short-term or contractual requirements. However, once you find them suitable for your open job position, we encourage you to hire them according to the project at hand permanently. Regardless of industry and company size, we believe that our staffing services only source the best talent for your company.

How Do We Work?

Our staffing and recruitment services are open to qualified, efficient and skilled job seekers as well. Our professionals are happy to inform you about promising career solutions and opportunities with career consultation services. We are constantly updating our database with company and candidate information, which allows us to match the right person with the correct open job position. Though our services remain the same as our competitors, what sets us apart is our commitment to the job. We make genuine and informed efforts to connect the two departments, enhancing both life and business.

Our manpower services are not simply limited to looking out for a job for you, but to ensure that the salary structure and work culture suit your qualifications and sensibilities. Due to our efficiency, we are strongly connected to a robust network of connections. As a result, our clients are never waiting long for the right opportunity, as we are constantly improving ourselves to offer the best career advice to everyone. This is possible because of our well-managed team and premium vendors who bring relevant recruitment opportunities to chart out the right career path for our clients.

Which Industry Do We Serve?

As we work in manpower services, we understand how difficult it is to find the right salary package and candidates. Our flexible staffing services follow only the best industry practices, which maintains quality, timeliness and efficiency. Moreover, we have recruitment experts who recommend the right staffing decision across all industries and company segments. Customer satisfaction remains our priority, which is why we are open to constant feedback and improvement. We believe that our clients’ confidence and trust in us have spearheaded us to success, which is why we only offer the best manpower staffing services to them.

Our transparent communication channels and commitment to quality resolve market challenges, as we offer innovative and customised solutions to our clients. Our services are usually but are not limited to industrial, engineering, technology, finance, accounting and disability recruitment, among others. In addition, we work with ex-pat recruitment, project-based hiring, contract staffing, career counselling and executive search.

Why choose CISB?

Our professional, qualified and experienced in-house manpower recruitment agency in India strives to offer the highest-quality staffing service to our clients. We understand your business, the ideal candidate and the proper salary structure. Once we reach a mutual decision, we start building common relationships to deliver the right employees. Even after hiring the right candidate, we remain connected to ensure that we have met your expectations. As we have mentioned above, your happiness (both the candidate and candidate) remains our goal.


Why should you hire manpower recruitment services?

Companies must hire manpower recruitment services to find suitable candidates for their open job position, which might not be possible otherwise.

What is staffing and recruiting?

Staffing refers to hiring, deploying and retaining new employees, while recruitment activities attract qualified and experienced candidates to apply for open job positions.

Can I search for jobs myself, or do I need to contact the local Manpower office?

Unlike negotiating with the hiring manager, candidates receive the highest salary package possible through the recruitment agency.

What is the job placement process?

We meet the client to understand their open job position, decide upon the right candidate and salary structure and reach out to suitable candidates.

Does CISB continue to support me after I start a job?


How does CISB protect my personal information?

We have a stringent data security system, which protects both the company and client’s information from unauthorised personnel.