Security Camera & Surveillance System Manufacturer

Security Camera & Surveillance System Manufacturer

The importance of security measures for homes and businesses cannot be underestimated. That is why, many shops, commercial entities, educational institutions, and public areas use CCTV cameras to monitor their premises so that no untoward incident takes place. In case any crime takes place, the footage from these cameras can be used as evidence in court. Night vision cameras capture every single moment in the dark. Security cameras are much cheaper now than before because of the increase in demand for surveillance systems.

Importance Of CCTV Maintenance Services?

Prevents Crime

If there is a CCTV security camera system in place, then every suspicious activity will be identified and tracked in the recording. In some commercial entities, the staff is employed to monitor the footage in real-time to keep track of any suspicious incident. Even if you own a non-retail business, a camera can prevent intellectual and property theft.

It Is Cost-effective

CCTV cameras are easy to maintain after installation and require little repairs.

24 Hour Monitoring

A security camera system can be monitored remotely by security guards 24 hours a day. Some security systems are designed in such a way that they provide alerts when there is any suspicious activity.


CCTV cameras are linked to resident’s mobile phones so there are fewer chances of them being hacked. Because of this reason, these devices are quite reliable.

Two Way Audio

Some CCTV cameras also come with two-way audio features. A person in the control room can easily communicate with the person near the CCVTV camera. The conversation can be recorded and archived as well.

How Do We Maintain CCTV Cameras?

CSIB’s trained professionals conduct an assessment of your security systems. Our CCTV maintenance services include:

  • Camera lens cleaning and debris removal.
  • Inspection for camera damage, wear, and degradation
  • Inspection of the camera for any signs of vandalism and interference
  • If the camera vision is obscured in any way, we suggest ways to clear the obstruction.
  • In cases where the camera is controlled remotely, we check if the tilt, pan, and zoom functions are performing as they should.
  • We ensure the motion detection function is working as it should.
  • We conduct inspections of audiovisual transmissions.
  • We ensure that all camera recordings are up to date.

Why Choose CISB for CCTV Camera Installation in Mumbai?

Due to our hard work and adherence to quality, we are considered one of the best security surveillance system providers in India. We pride ourselves on providing customized solutions for all our clients according to their needs. Over the past 5 years, we have helped many small and medium enterprises enhance their security measures.

We also provide security services like multi-skilled security guards, escort services, dog squad, and electronic security.


How Often Should CCTV Be Serviced?

We recommend that you service your CCTV cameras once a year.

Why Are CCTV Cameras Important For Business?

CCTV cameras are important for your business because they make your premises safer, ensure customer satisfaction and safeguard your employees and products.

How To Contact CISB For Maintenance Services?

Visit any of our offices or email us at

How To Maintain Security Systems?

  • Clean camera lenses regularly
  •  Check the wiring
  • Verify the time stamp frequently.
  • Check if all the cameras are positioned correctly
  •  Inspect the camera housing
  • Verify recording is 24 hours
  • Check DVR’s and hard drives.

Does CISB continue to support me after I start a job?


How does CISB protect my personal information?

We have a stringent data security system, which protects both the company and client’s information from unauthorised personnel.