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We offer fumigation and pest management services, which involves treating cargo loaded into the sea containers, barges and vessels. We follow the best industry practices, which comply with global safety and quality standards. If you are worried about constant pest infestations, you must hire our residential and commercial pest control services in Mumbai. The good news is that they can be easily managed and controlled by maintaining proper hygiene and efficient pest control services.

For the best pest control services in Mumbai, you must only choose India’s leading brand that has pioneered pest control in India. Our nationwide network comprises qualified and trained research and development (R&D) staff and pest control technicians, which is why businesses and homeowners freely choose us for the best pest control services.

What Types Of Pest Control Services Are Available In India?

To combat the diseases that pest infestations bring with them, you must invest in fumigation services in Mumbai. However, if you are unsure of which fumigation services to hire us for, choose the general service to ensure that the site remains insect and rodent-free for longer.

Commercial pest control services include pests damage daily operations, brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Therefore, choose the best pest control services in your commercial and industrial spaces, such as hospitals, food processing units, storage areas, schools and offices.

Residential pest control services: Fumigation companies in India eliminate lizards, ants, cockroaches and termites from your home with chemical and odour-free products for adequate durability.

What Is A Fumigant, And Why Should One Fumigate?

Fumigation is defined as the process of using fumigants (concentrated toxic chemicals that remain gaseous at a particular pressure and temperature) to eliminate pests at a given place. Fumigation services in India are a curative and preventive control technique that is fatal to live infestation and insect development.

Pest control services are found as sprays and baits, perfect for commercial establishments, food storage and processing units and other sensitive areas. The product permeates all corners of a room, including those where aerosols, dust and sprays do not reach.

Types Of Pest Control Services And Fumigation Services Offered By CISB in Mumbai

CISB offers two kinds of fumigation and pest control services: commercial pest control and residential pest control. Commercial pest controls are for workplaces, food storage and processing units, medical institutions and industrial areas. As the name suggests, residential pest control services are usually restricted to homes regardless of size.

Types of fumigation services at CISB include in-transit fumigation, bulk commodity fumigation, containers fumigation, empty hold fumigation, ship fumigation, stored grain fumigation, factory fumigation, quarantine fumigation and prophylactic treatments.

Benefits Of Our Reliable Fumigation Services

Fumigation services are popular as the product reaches even the most challenging places in residences, commercial and industrial spaces, including furniture, wall voids, and attics. It combats several insects faster than other insect removal techniques, destroys all insects, benefits the zero-tolerance policy for pests and does not leave behind toxic food-based factories.

Why Choose CISB?

With CISB fumigation and the best pest control services in Mumbai, schedule your appointment with verified service providers along with a background check. We are a one-stop solution that provides non-toxic, harmless eco-friendly and odour-free pest control products that do not leave residue on your belongings. Our services are long-lasting, promote health and are harmless to human beings and pets alike. Therefore, our technicians always prioritise your safety and security when providing high-quality and reasonable services.


What are fumigation services?

Fumigation services are commonly used in factory and industrial exports such as oilseeds, textiles, food grains, spices, pulses, and timber, prone to infestations from prolonged storage or transit.

What does fumigation do to your house?

Fumigation covers all needed to fight against pests so that your home or office remains free of illness-causing elements.

What are the types of fumigation?

Types of fumigation services at CISB include in-transit fumigation, bulk commodity fumigation, containers fumigation, empty hold fumigation, ship fumigation, stored grain fumigation, factory fumigation, quarantine fumigation and prophylactic treatments.

Difference between fumigation and pest control?

Fumigation eliminates industrial and commercial pests by using specialised gases, while the best pest control services are confined to the home to control insects.

What does a fumigation company do?

Fumigation companies offer pest control and fumigation services.

What is pest control?

Pest control is defined as removing household pests that cause disease, inconvenience and health hazards to the inhabitants.

What are the signs that I need a pest control service?

Hire a pest control service if you see pests, physical damage to walls and furniture, along with pest droppings.

Do I need to leave my house when I am getting the service?

In most cases, you must leave home for at least two hours after the pest control service.

What do pest control services do?

Pest control services provide integrated and high-quality pest control services and products spread across multiple locations in India.