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Manpower Staffing Services
We cover the full ambit of manpower staffing services includes:
1. planning and executing a recruitment and selection strategy to meet your staffing requirements
2. Liaising with head-hunters to procure quality manpower
3. Assisting in pre and post recruitment paper work
4. Designing and facilitating induction and orientation programs
5. Verification of prospective employees and candidates
Aviation Services
Terminal Management :
Baggage Trolleys are an essential feature of any airport and can easily throw an otherwise well run airport into chaos unless managed efficiently. We carry out Trolley Allocation, Trolley Retrieval, Maintenance and Repair as well as, preventing loss and damage, Retrieval and distribution can be done both manually and with power carts.
1. Ground Handling Services
2. Aircraft Cleaning
We provide professional advice for the selection, planting, landscaping and upkeep of flowering plants, bushes, shrubs, trees and turf grasses, including planning and designing beds for seasonal / perennial flowers and setting up beautiful and aesthetic flower arrangements. Our trained gardeners can transform the appearance of your premises, be it a residential lawn, hotel lobby, office entrance or the recreational section of a hospital.
Signage Cleaning
1. Fortnightly external cleaning.

2. Deep cleaning fortnightly.
Replacement of Parts
1. Replacement of floor spring once in a year, or whenever required.

2. Replacement of main glass door including sections.

3. Minor POP work & painting of wall & ceiling once in a year.
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