Housekeeping Agencies And Services In Mumbai

Here's What We Do Better

As a business or homeowner, you want to maintain complete cleanliness and hygiene on your site. So whether it is your residence, workspace or business, our housekeeping companies in Mumbai are happy to work with you to maintain the brand identity. Thanks to our green facility services across Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai, you will find our team qualified, trained and experienced. Our employees include pantry boys, supervisors, office assistants and executive housekeepers. Apart from the regular housekeeping activities, we participate in organisational activities such as serving and pantry work.

For corporate housekeeping services in India, our team offers housekeeping services in Mumbai. They would be monitored by the supervisor, and their performance monitored to ensure complete focus on work. We save the company and home resources on taskforce search, execution and groom. For commercial workspaces, we provide that the management only focuses on boosting business growth. Instead, delegate housecleaning only to the top housekeeping services in Mumbai.

At commercial workplaces, the human resources department remains free to emphasise core organisational activities. Therefore, feel free to outsource housekeeping services in India for offices so that you simply work on business productivity without wasting time and resources on non-core activities. Moreover, you’ll find our services to be of high-quality and reliable within reasonable pricing.

Housekeeping Services And Types

Living in a fast-paced environment, most people are caught up with their schedules as they juggle home and work. Housekeeping services in Mumbai for offices are available for those needing assistance to maintain their residence and commercial spaces. Our team leaves the site clean, infection-free and organised. Studies have proven that a hygienic and well-kept environment promotes comfort, safety and positivity. Thanks to our housekeeping services, we ensure that our clients always have a clean and organised home or workplace to return to. Our services are available to everyone across all ages, professions and life stages.

Domestic housekeeping includes maintaining the living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, washrooms and dining spaces in a home. On the other hand, institutional housekeeping in commercial enterprises involve hospitals, shopping malls, workplaces, hotels, resorts, boardrooms, lobbies, showrooms and inns. Services include cleaning, dusting, deep-cleaning carpets, trash disposal and sanitising furniture, doors and windows, electronic appliances and air vents.

Our services include damp cleaning, dusting, removing heel marks and stains in the cafeteria and kitchen, and sanitising furniture, interiors, countertops, kitchen appliances, and sinks. Washroom cleaning involves cleaning, sanitising and dusting bathrooms, mirrors, showers, floors and cabinets. Door and window cleaning includes cleaning and dusting doors, windows, curtain walls and curtains. For carpet cleaning, we deep-steam and deep-clean the fabric along with removing stains, drying and deodorising. Finally, bedroom cleaning involves cleaning, dusting and sanitising cupboards and ceilings.

Types Of Housekeeping Services Offered By CISB In Mumbai

Our housekeeping staff are trained and experienced to maintain hygienic practices to maintain professional conduct. Our services range from specialised submarine cleaning, pest control, landscaping and gardening services, façade cleaning, water tank cleaning, upholstery services, pantry and catering and janitorial services.

Why Choose CISB?

CISB Services Pvt Ltd is long-regarded as the best housekeeping facility management services in Mumbai, which serve residential and commercial sectors alike. We work with residences, hotels, companies, supermarkets, universities and hospitals with professional housekeeping services. At CISB Services Pvt Ltd , we combine expertise, principles and experience for quality customer satisfaction. Cleanliness, hygiene and quality services remain priorities to promote company productivity and growth.

Our services are long-term and cost-efficient for workspaces and residences alike, maintaining the environment’s commitment, ambience and well-being. Moreover, we optimise performance in our commodities, goods and facilities as we adhere to safety, health and quality.


What is included in a basic house cleaning?

In most cases, housekeeping companies in Mumbai perform dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, trash disposal, removing unwanted leaves, water plants, organising closets, sweeping doormats, doing laundry, washing windows and more.

What are the duties of a housekeeping staff?

Our services range from ayah services (baby and patient care), corporate housekeeping services, ward assistants and residential housekeeping services.

Will the agency do a background check of the staff in Mumbai?

Yes, CISB performs background checks on the staff.

How much does a housekeeping staff charge?

Our prices depend on cleaning services in the residential and commercial spaces, including discounts, deals and combinations.

Are the housekeeping staff trained?

Our staff is trained, verified and qualified to perform housekeeping services.