ATM Service

Here's What We Do Better

Caretaker Services
As caretakers we carry out regular checks of the ATM premises. Our representatives dutifully record and promptly report any equipment failure and other site problems to the concerned authorities for immediate attention. We ensure that the ATM premises are not encroached upon by squatters, hawkers and any other undesirable elements and maintain a visible presence so that customers are free to transact their business.
1. Arranging and replenishing publicity material supplied by the bank eg banners, posters, leaflets, flyers, format etc.
2. Cleanliness of ATM sites, reporting non-functioning of the ATM and associated fitting for prompt redressal, as well as maintaining a log of breakdowns.
3. Providing access to the ATM site by authorized personnel of the service agency.
First Line Maintenance
1. Replenishment of consumables - journal Printer Rolls, Consumer Printer Rolls, Printer cartridges etc
2. Clearing Media Jam in printer, ticket /coupon dispenser etc.
3. Logging of ATM kiosk status and reporting complaints for rectification.
4. Coordinating Second Line Maintenance activities
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