System Integration

We believe that every customer is unique. It follows that every customer has a well defined set of needs specific to their environment that need to be addressed keeping in mind existing constraints and functional requirements. Digital Electronics and software driven electronic devices provide considerable flexibility to build tailor made solutions.

It is therefore necessary to build a customer oriented security solution, using different modular blocks and sometimes even discrete devices. This requires gadgets and devices employing varied technologies to be brought together on to a common platform where they can perform together as a unit that provides value addition to customers.

System integration requires not only technical skills and field experience, but also awareness of current and emerging state of art technologies and products. Our technical team has gained this experience through careful design and strict adherence to best engineering practices to meet uncompromising security standards.

We can proudly state that we have successfully completed projects at sensitive Defence, Government and Private locations that employ technologies for Surveillance, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Tracking, Video Analytics, Visitor Management and Vehicle Scanning.