Staffing & Recruitment

Here's What We Do Better

Manpower Sourcing and Staffing

We cover the full ambit of manpower staffing services including :
1. Planning and executing a recruitment and selection strategy to meet your staffing requirements.
2. Liaising with head-hunters to procure quality manpower.
3. Assisting in Pre and Post recruitment paper work.
4. Designing and facilitating induction and orientation programs.
5. Verification of prospective employees and candidates.

Client Based Approach
Partner with a client to expand their business potential by providing solutions in executive search and selections,
1. Middle Management Hiring
2. Project Based Hiring
3. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our domain expertise has help us successfully to deliver solutions for all kind of global and local business industries specific demands
What We Assured
We are able to provide reliable and strategic staffing solutions by aligning diversified and intricate HR and staffing needs of our clients.

1. To Work in - Sync with our clients for their global or local search requirements.
2. To provide expertise during and after every assignment to adhere.
3. To all norms and code of ethics of the clients work culture.
4. To thoroughly check short listed candidates commitment.