Corporate Governance

We take immense pride in our Corporate Governance Model and ensure that we leverage this model to deliver sustained value to our customers.

We operate in a robust corporate governance framework – outlined below – aimed at ensuring that we act responsibly, transparently and with accountability at all times.

Our Management Team meets every month to take stock of the following metrics

  • a.Employee satisfaction metrics
  • b.Customer satisfaction metrics
  • c.Risk and liability metrics
  • d.Investment decisions (These are reviewed on a rolling quarter basis)
  • e.Revenue Growth
  • f.Profit growth
  • g.Market share growth
  • h.Strategic direction and operational plan (This is finalised and set in the beginning of the financial year and reviewed every quarter)
  • i.Ethics & Compliance

We have the following Governance Committees constituted at CISB. The Board of Directors reviews the progress of various activities with respective committees on a Quarterly basis.

  • a. Compensation and Benefits
  • b. Customer engagement
  • c. Ethics and Compliance
  • d. Audit
  • e. Strategy and Business Planning