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Over the last decade, the banks across the globe have consistently used technology to change their operational landscape and presently the Banking sector is undergoing a crucial phase of digitization. In order to enable this objective CISB’s Swiftcore core banking solution have rendered banks a strong launch pad to offer digital channel capabilities. This has certainly enabled banks to keep abreast with developments happening in the industry and continue remain competitive with commercial and private banks as well. By deploying the proposed solution Bank’s will move towards digitalization which holds the potential to take control of your customer-experience ecosystem by managing entire business from customers’ perspective. We are offering a stable CBS environment facilitating banks to provide technology based services such :- ATM, ATM network, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, IMPS, Electronic payment system (ECS/NEFT/RTGS etc), agency banking. Introduction of such services has certainly helped banks in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of their operations and in turn improve profitability. It has also enable the banks to retain their existing customers, provide better service to customers visiting branches and concentrate on business development. The proposed solution is highly secured and scalable for handling increasing transactions. Post CBS implementation along with the allied e’Delivery software solutions, it is expected to reduce work load of employees. Though the work load is reduced, employees will be required to under grow different banking role.

Banks also need to utilize such time for effective marketing of services and products offered by the bank. Banks also need to introduce additional para -banking departments to take care of such requirements post -CBS environment

Banks must undertake important exercise of Business Process Re -engineering (BPR) prior to implementation of CBS. BPR will help banks to overcome age-old inefficient business procedures, if any and also to take advantage of well established and universally accepted business procedures.
A dedicated team exclusively for providing continuous training to all branch end users on new developments and refreshing modules are may be required by the staff. Banks will have to arrange IT awareness training for all branch staff members to bring in the awareness and attitudinal change towards implementation of CBS.
A dedicated IT team will be required to co-ordinate continuously with the selected software vendor for getting newer requirements implemented on continuous basis.