Aviation Services

Here's What We Do Better

Having acquired the BCAS security clearance for providing ground handling services for all airports in India. CISB is committed to providing quality and assured services for various sectors in the aviation industries.

Terminal Management

Baggage Trolleys are an essential feature of any airport and can easily throw an otherwise well run airport into chaos unless managed efficiently. We carry out Trolley Allocation, Trolley Retrieval, Maintenance and Repair as well as, preventing loss and damage, Retrieval and distribution can be done both manually and with power carts.

Ground Handling Services

Our offerings in this area include :

1. Passenger Handling

2. Baggage Handling

3. Cargo Handling / Ramp Services

4. GSD Management

Aircraft Cleaning

1. Cleaning during transit halts

2. Deep Cleaning

3. Aircraft Exterior Cleaning